12 Week Home Seminar Formula

This course is divided into 3 initial components, with several addendum components as well.

Component 1 gives you an overview of the process, from beginning to end, I recommend listening to all the lessons in component 1 before moving to component 2.

Component 2 is a step by step detailed analysis of exactly what to do and how to do it to design and create your 12 week home seminar or coaching program. Simply by following the example, you will be able to design your own 12 week home seminar or coaching program.

Component 3 goes into detail on exactly how to market your 12 week home seminar or coaching program, from prospecting to your list, to enrolling clients in your coaching.

Component 1:

Coaching Business Overview:

Coaching Business Overview

Pricing Example 1:

Weight Loss Coaching Niche Pricing for Coaching:

MP3 File

Pricing Example 2:

Career coaching:

download mp3 of above pricing example

Use this worksheet to create the pricing for your own program (note there is no Paradigm Shift in Pricing and Selling Coaching Book (Step 1) as the pdf indicates, just listen to the above recording, then do the pricing exercise):

Pricing Exercise

Step 1: Design and Create Coaching Program:

MP3 File

Step 2: Delivery of your Coaching Program:

MP3 File

Step 3: How to Use Email to Find Coaching Prospects:

MP3 File

Step 4: How to Sell Coaching on the Telephone:

MP3 File

Component 2:

Here are your core recordings:

Component 3:

Detailed instruction on how to implement everything learned in components 1 -2:

Prospect and Traffic Generation:

Create a Credibility Campaign:

(note this is the same as “how to find prospects on your email list and get them on the phone as above, this process works to prime prospects, whether using phone or sales page )

Component 4: Advanced Free Consult Selling

Advanced Free Consult Selling

Unadvertised Bonus: Addendum

How to Build a List of Coaching Prospects:

Additional, advanced coaching instruction:

Addendum 2:

Basic Marketing Info If You Are Starting Without a Website or List:


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