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Keep in mind, these trainings assume you have already listened to and studied the first 10 Best of the Best.

So if you jump right in without having studied everything in the first 10 Best of the Best, there will be gaps. But if you have studied everything in the first 10 Best of the Best, you can jump into whatever topic you need on this page, and it will take you to the next level.

Yes, there is a lot on this page.

And yes, if you truly study it all, it will be like you have a Master's in Information Marketing.

Take the time, an hour a day.

You'll be glad you did!

— Sean Mize

P.S. I've arranged these in a general order of importance – but everyone's business is different, so it's not set in stone. Key training sections: optimization and split testing, product creation, and mega content model . . . start with those for maximum fast results!

Particularly Prescient Trainings are Bolded Below

One of the most powerful things I've discovered over the last 6 months is the power of having clients do 30 minutes of daily content, day in day out. And I find that it is also one of the easiest things to skip each day. If you skip this step, your business will NOT progress as fast as if you make the commitment to doing 30 minutes of daily content.


Wide Range of Product Creation Topics:

Basic Product Creation Training:

Additional exercise, if you haven't already created a 10 x 10 matrix:

Use this guide to create a 10 x 10 matrix: 10 x 10 Matrix

Coaching Program Creation:

Those trainings are basic, introductory training for creating a coaching program.

If you want to start a coaching program, I highly recommend both my book:

Anyone Can Coach

and my Coaching Program Home Study Course

 Intangible Training (Mindset, Faith, Etc.)


Email Marketing:

Advanced Email Writing:

Advanced Conversion Training:

Additional Advanced Tactics:

More Traffic Training:

Mega Content Model:

 Unadvertised Bonus:

(listen to these first or early, if you don't have the Maven/Business Training Program Already (AKA Watch Me Build a Business From Scratch in 7 Days)

From Lesson 1 of the Maven Training:

If you want the next 6 days, you can get them here:

Watch Me Build a Brand New Influencer – Maven Business in 7 Days

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