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The trainings are not necessarily in an exact “do this first” order. You can skip around. I would probably recommend listening to the first 2 tracks first, then any track based on it's interest. But I wouldn't recommend skipping any track because it doesn't seem on topic for you. Once you listen to it, you will realize that that component really does belong in your business!

— Sean Mize

Intro Presence Based Business Mental Focus and Holistic Model

Advanced Summary of Presence – Based Business

The 3 Most Important Things In Your Business

Reverse Funnel Training

Core 4 Master Training

Core 4 Concept Demonstration and Content Creation RT 2 (long training, can skip and come back to)

Daily Content How and Why

Note: the following 2 trainings (10 x 10 Matrix and Using It) are pdfs (not audio). These are highly powerful and are probably the #1 life changing tool of my highest level, most successful clients, so don't pass these because they look “simple” – use them!

10 x 10 matrix

Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix

Back to audio:

How to Create Expert-Level Content

Complete blueprint a and a example of live product creation: How to Create Your $300 or Greater Home Study Course Fast + Many More Ideas

How to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch

How to Eliminate Distractions and Focus Relentlessly

Intense Discussion 2 – Starting Coaching Program From Scratch and Example From My Business

How to Create a System on Your Site That Gets Unlimited Traffic From the Web

How to Become An Expert So That You Can Write Expert-level Content unltraffic

Excellent Training on Creating Multiple Articles, Youtubes, and Ebooks Fast


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