Black Belt Product Creation

Congratulations, you have just purchased the most complete package on product creation on earth.

Take this material, read it, use it -start creating your products and selling them to your subscribers


Sean Mize

I have designed this program to make creating your products fast and easy.

One of the biggest problems I see with people trying to create products is that they spend months planning the perfect product – and in the mean time, they are losing sales left and right.

I challenge you to follow my techniques and create your products quickly, using the following steps. Do not overanalyze the process. Just do it. The product may not be EXACTLY what you wanted..but in 6 months, when you have 6 products, it won't matter, will it? Because you will have multiple products that are meeting people's needs…and if you are still missing your “perfect product” you can always create it then…and it will be a much better product than if you spend 6 months thinking about how to make the perfect product.

The thing is, no matter how much time and effort you put into your first product – it won't be your best! Your best will probably be your 3rd – 6th product – and there is no way for you to create a 1st or 2nd product! So you might as well just do it, get those first products out of the way.

You will notice that this course is a mixture of pdf (tutorials) and mp3s.

  • The pdfs tend to be very concise – exactly what to do and how to do it, without alot of explanation.
  • The mp3s tend to be more explanation – and are not as concise.

Use the pdfs to give you structured steps, use the mp3s to help you understand the big picture, give you ideas, etc.

I challenge you to listen or read each recording or document in the order they are listed on this page, and any mp3 or pdf that gives you something to it before going to the next step. Focus on doing, not learning (the learning will come as you do 🙂 ) The purpose of this program is for YOU to CREATE PRODUCTS!

Go do it!

Outline Your Products (Critical Step)

Write Your Ebook

Create a CD or MP3 Series

How to Create a Coaching Program

Creating Your Coaching Program – Overview (mp3)

Example: Design and Create Coaching Program:

MP3 File

Example: Delivery of your Coaching Program:

MP3 File

Supplemental Material:


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