Content Based Email Marketing Module 3

In this module, the first video shows you how to choose a domain name.

The second video shows you how to create a squeeze page in Aweber so that you can build your email marketing business without a website.

It is a simple solution, and really is only designed for people who want to keep their business super-simple, and don't want to build a website. However, my guess is that most people will choose to build a website, so the following videos show you how to get web hosting, and how to use FTP using Filezilla.

The next lesson will show you how to set up your site using WordPress; again, you don't need a site for this…but I wanted to make this training complete 🙂

The following lesson I plan to begin teaching the “good stuff” – that is – how to choose content, how to write the emails, how to queue the emails, and so on …

Then..traffic sources…

Let's get started with today's material:


Setting Up the Website Videos:

How to Create a Squeeze Page WITHOUT a website:

Steps for Getting Web Hosting and FTP Access:



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