Content Based Email Marketing Module 4

Today – installing WordPress.

Very important: this is NOT necessary to start building a list.

You can use the Aweber squeeze page method I taught on day 3 (yesterday).

The reason I say this is that some people are able to install a wordpress site in 10 minutes, others get repeatedly stuck and it takes days. If you are one of the people who gets stuck – please, don't wait for you wordpress site to be up before you go to the next step – which is creating content – which will be tomorrow's module.

Same thing with the plugins – they aren't necessary yet. In fact, you don't NEED them. They are helpful, but not necessary.

And if installing them holds you back from accomplishing your goal of building a list and writing an email a day – then they simply aren't worth it for you right now.

By the way, I had someone ask today, should they be following along, building their own site now, or should they wait until they are finished watching everything and know what to do.

And my response is: DEFINITELY start now! That is the whole purpose of me doing a little each day so you can follow along.

If you wait until I am done, likely the same thing will happen again as has happened in the past…you are now information overwhelmed and don't know where to start! But just start now! Follow along.

One more thing…I am also uploading a bunch of WordPress videos that should be more clear than just following me along…but there are like 200 files to upload, it may be a day or so on these as well.

Install WordPress:

Intro to WordPress:

Intro to Word Press

Install WordPress Part 1:

Install Word Press Part 1

Install WordPress Part 2:

Install Word Press Part 2

Install Plugins:

Install SEO Plugin:

Install SEO Plugin

Install Squeeze Page Plugin:

Install Squeeze Page Plugin

Use Squeeze Page Plugin:

Use Squeeze Page Plugin

Important Links:

Here is a link to a page with multiple basic level WordPress instructional Videos:

WordPress Instructional Videos

Additional Links:

Download WordPress Here


Get Filezilla Here

Get Squeeze Page and Sales Page Plugin Here

Get WordPress SEO Plugin Here


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