Content Based Email Marketing Module 6

In the first video, I show you how to write an email. In the second video, I show you how to create an aweber list and put your first email in your new email campaign. In the 3rd video, I show you how to put your email on your blog as an article.

Please note: this may feel like a lot of work for one day – but once you get it down, it only takes about 20 – 30 minutes per email – to write, put in aweber, and put on your blog. So I recommend getting into the habit of writing one email per day. If you do that 5 days a week for one year, you will have 250 emails in your autoresponder in one year. How many of your competitors have 250 emails in their campaigns?

The final link beneath the videos is a link to a followup document regarding your 10 x 10, which you should have done yesterday. If you have NOT created your 10 x10 yet, do NOT read this document. Finish your 10 x 10 first. You will get much better long term results that way. This document gives some additional instructions for using your 10 x10 – these are not instructions for this program, it should only serve as a tool so that you can see how powerful and useful your 10 x 10 matrix is.

Next few days: I am planning to write a few more emails and put them into the campaign, and show you how to convert them to articles for ezinearticles as well.

Then I will launch into traffic generation –


How to Write an Email:

How to Write An Email

How to Create a List in Aweber and Queue Your Email:

How to Create a List in Aweber and Queue Your Email

How to Convert Your Email Into a Blog Post On Your Site:

How to Convert Your Email Into a Blog Post and Put On Your Site

Followup to 10 x 10 Matrix Instructions:

Follow Up to 10 x 10 Matrix


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