Conversational Copywriting

Congratulations on choosing to take action and purchase my Conversational Copywriting Training Program

This page contains the training componets; there are 2 parts to it – 1 is the training recordings, and the 2nd is the daily lessons – plan to schedule 20 minutes per day for these daily lessons.

You will advance much more quickly if you work on these lessons EVERY DAY for 20 minutes instead of trying to work an hour or two a couple times per week.

The reason for this is that these lessons are psychologically designed to change the way your mind thinks as it writes copy – and this method of mind-training is MUCH more effective when done daily.

For the initial recordings, I suggest listening one recording at a time, starting with the first one on the page, in this manner: today, listen to the first recording, tomorrow, listen again, taking notes, the following day, listen again, with your notes handy to add additional remarks.

Then the following day, move to the next recording, following the same 3 day pattern.

Do NOT rush through these teachings…they are packed with content that you can immediately begin to use in your writing – but this content must become internalized, and listening to each recording at least 3 times before moving to the next will enhance this process.

Here are your download recordings and links:

Daily Lessons:

Zip File Containing Daily Lessons (these are numbered 0.5 for initial, then 1through 44) – just do each lesson in the order it is listed, don't rush ahead. I used to send these out in an autoresponder one per day, but this way you can work ahead if you want, but don't skip any lessons)



Video Of Me Showing a Class How to Upload a Sales Letter Using Kompozer (note: this is a live demonstration – but contains quite a bit of distraction – only use this if you don't know how to use an html editor or how to upload a sales letter)

That's all for now!


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