Expert in 30 Days

Congratulations, you have just purchased the most complete package on becoming an expert and positioning yourself as an expert on earth.

Take this material, read it, use it -start becoming an expert and positioning yourself as an expert.


Sean Mize

I have designed this teaching to be as completely concise as possible, I suggest taking notes as you go through each of these recordings, and be prepared to listen to each recording at least twice.

However, your expert status online will NOT change unless you DO the steps I have outlined in the lessons.

What I give you is relatively easy to do – but will take a little time.

I can tell you this, however, it will be well worth the time in your first 30 days to be positioned as an expert in your niche. It will make list building easier, traffic generation easier, and sales come easier because people want to learn from…an expert!

Here are your lessons:

positioning as an expert

positioning as an expert 2

getting search engines to position you as an expert

additional positioning elements

appearing as an expert to your list


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