IM Coaching Program Lesson 11

Lesson: Write Sales Letter For Coaching Program

At this point, you should have outlined your coaching program. Because it is coaching, you don't need to create the lessons ahead of time like when you created a product (because you will be delivering the coaching live).

The next step is to sell your coaching, and the instructions for writing a sales letter are the same as for creating a product sales letter:

Quick Sales Letter

Use the exact instructions in that teaching to create your sales letter –

As mentioned when creating your product sales letter, I do NOT recommend you write your own sales letter, as it is a time consuming and learning curve intensive task (unlike just about anything else you'll be doing these 12 weeks), and highly recommend you simply purchase and use sales letter software. I personally like and recommend Marlon Sanders' software:

Marlon's Sales Letter Writer

And here is another way to sell your coaching:

Another way to sell coaching

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