IM Coaching Program Lesson 2

Last week you received an overview of building an information business, this week you will finalize what you want to teach and create an outline you can use to create products and eventually create a coaching program:

Do Research, Create Matrix:

Listen to these trainings:

Advanced Blueprint

(this next one is a recording of a live training where a coach gave several clients ideas for their own product funnel, think of it as giving you some creative ideas):

Blueprint Ideas

One more introductory overview (if some of these “basics” teachings seem redundant it's okay – starting next week, you will be expected to have internalized these concepts, the “heavy lifting” begins next week!):

Review of Process

Homework assignment:

Follow the directions in the following tutorial, and do the exercise in it. Don't rush it. Get it right. Far better to spend 10 hours getting it right, and make $100k this year, than to rush it and not make your goal. You will know you have done it when you have an “aha” moment. There will be an “aha” moment that makes you think “wow, I had no idea this could be this easy.” When you have that moment – you will know deep inside that this year is going to be different.

Create 10 x 10 Matrix

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