IM Coaching Program Lesson 8

Lesson: Begin Driving Traffic to Squeeze Page

Now that you have your product, an email campaign, and a squeeze page, your next step is to get qualified prospects to your squeeze page. Your squeeze page is your entry point for everything.

Because your product is created, and your emails are queued in your autoresponder, all you need to do is lead prospects to your squeeze page and let your system do the work.

So all of the following instructions in both this lesson and the next lesson are designed to teach you how to get traffic to your squeeze page.

This is one of the most important steps in your business. No matter how many products or emails you have, if you don't get people to your squeeze page so they can get your emails and product offers, you won't get buyers.

Intro To Driving Niche – Specific Traffic

Content Traffic Training


After you have listened to the entire training, outline your 90 day traffic plan, with exactly what sources and methods you plan to use.

  • How much time will you put into it each day?
  • How well will you guard your time so that you are productive during that traffic generation time?

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