IM Coaching Program

On this page are the links to each of the 13 coaching lessons.

Re: Timing

This can be done once per week or once per month – (although I think it is best suited to a 13 week program)

If you sell this as a 13 week program, be prepared to offer an upsell at the end of the program for people who want to continue to get access to you (even if you don't add additional lessons in the future).

If monthly – you might want to give the first few lessons at 10 days apart, then go to once a month after the first month – that would make it about 10 months – and of course at that point, you could add lessons if you wanted to extend the program past that.

Re: Hosting Them

You can use these actual links to deliver the coaching. Keep in mind, in about 3 of them, there are a couple of my affiliate links – aweber and Marlon's sales letter program –

If you want to make those commissions yourself, you can upload these pages to your own server, then edit those links to reflect your own affiliate account – (just trying to be transparent here, it's not a lot of money, and they are only there because the clients need those links – not for the express purpose of making money on your clients – anyhow, that is long-winded – but I hope you understand why they're there!)

One more note: re: Order of Lessons

The steps are in a different order than you normally see. The reason for this is that I have found from experience if I have people create a squeeze page and an email campaign first, they usually get stuck at that point and NEVER create a product or a coaching program – and hence they NEVER make money.

People are MOST motivated the first 30 days after they sign up –

So I have found that if I can get them to create a product during that “most motivated” stage, then once they have the product, they really want to sell it – and that desire gives them the motivation to do the next steps!

–Sean Mize

P.S. Here's a link to a special training I did to teach you how to most easily adapt these lessons to YOUR business fast: Coaching Program Lessons Training

The Lessons

Lesson 1 – Overview

Lesson 2 – Research and Create Matrix

Lesson 3 – Create a Recorded Product

Lesson 4 – Write a Sales Letter

Lesson 5 – Write an Email Campaign

Lesson 6 – Write Launch Campaign

Lesson 7 – Create a Squeeze Page

Lesson 8 – Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

Lesson 9 – Gaining Additional Traffic

Lesson 10 – Create a Coaching Program

Lesson 11 – Write Coaching Program Sales Letter

Lesson 12 – Create a Continuity Program

Lesson 13 – Scaling Your Business

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