Influencer Maven Business

Congratulations on choosing to purchase my Influencer Maven Business Training.

Note: I have done everything possible to make this as concise as possible, yet pack in depth to the Expert/Maven style infobusiness as never before. So be sure to listen/watch everything, and listen/watch in the order it's posted – you'll get the best experience and benefit that way!

Day 1 (audio training, critical to understanding setup and structure of your business):

Introduction (Purpose) (Crucial Training, Listen First)

Clearly Defined Need

Website Based on Mission

Transition to the Video Training

Day 2 (audio, critical training):

Discussion About Structure of the Business (Critical Training)

Day 3:

(I've put day 3 videos – which is a bunch of technical videos you don't need if you know how to get web hosting and install wordpress and you don't need until you are ready to do that – so I've put them at the very end of this page in the addendum. I HIGHLY recommend watching day 4 before watching these technical videos)

Day 4 (video showing the site structure, building the site, and writing the sales page for the site):

Introduction to Site Structure

Build the Site

Write the Coaching Sales Letter

Wrap Up Sales Letter

Day 5:

Demonstrate Writing Email Campaign

How to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch

Day 6:

How to Structure Your Coaching Program

How to Deliver Your Coaching Program

Day 7:

Find Unique Traffic in Your Niche

Drive Traffic With Solo Ads, Advanced Method


— Sean Mize

Anyone Can Coach


P.S. Addendum:

(skip this until you are ready to DO the wordpress work AND skip this if you already know how to buy web hosting and install wordpress, you don't need it – skip to day 4 to see how I build the site out in 3 hours)

Get Domain Name and Hosting

Discussion About Installing WordPress

Theme and Plugin Installation

Demonstrate Theme and Plugin

WordPress Instructional Videos:

Intro to Word Press

Install Word Press Part 1

Install Word Press Part 2

WordPress Instructional Videos

Download WordPress Here


Get Filezilla Here

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