Lesson 1: Content Framework

Welcome to the 30 Day InfoBusiness!

The way this is designed, you'll receive one lesson every other day for 4 lessons (this is the first lesson)

By spacing out the lessons, it will help you finish one lesson before going to the next one!

These lessons are EASY.

Like I said in the sign up page, I've kept this super-simple, just the steps you need to do it, rather than cluttering it up with lots of detail and why this, why that, kind of thing.

There is a place for that, and I know that many clients love it, but for this training, I'm purposefully keeping it super-concise so you get RESULTS!

Here's what to do:

  • Each of the 4 lessons will have about 2-3 hours of “training”
  • Then a homework assignment to do.
  • Then a framework for the month on what to do each day to accomplish your business.

If you'll just focus on doing what's in that framework, each day for the next 30 days, you will be positively AMAZED at how your business takes shape.

Now, obviously, it will still need some work, it's not like you will just spin it off and do nothing.

  • You'll still want to create content each day.
  • You'll still want to write an email each day.
  • And you'll still want to offer your prospects value each day so that they keep coming back for more.

I generally do all those things each day, personally, except since I have SO MUCH content online, I don't always do content everyday anymore! And I do hire others to help me with it. I'm just sharing that for total transparency here, but you DON'T need to outsource ANYTHING until you have money coming in, then you can take a % of your income and put it to duplicating yourself by outsourcing some tasks. But don't worry about that now.

Let's get started:

This track will give you some background on the “model”: Core 4 Master Training

This track will teach you, using a “fly on the wall approach” how to create amazing amounts of daily content: Daily Content – How to Do It

This track will teach you what to put into your content each day so that it is amazing and expert – level: How to Create Expert-Level Content

Now, your homework:

1) Record your first video.

  1. Create a 5 page powerpoint or keynote with 5 ideas you will talk about
  2. Turn on a screen recorder and record it (I use screenflow as I'm on a mac, if you are on a pc, you might want to use camtasia)
  3. Upload it to youtube. When they give you the option to have it automatically transcribed, take it.

2) Take the transcription from youtube and edit it for grammar. This becomes your first article of the day.

Note: the FIRST time you do this, it probably took 3 hours or more, right?

Because you had to figure out how to turn on powerpoint, how to create a slide, how to get into youtube, and so on.

Once you've done it ONCE, the second time talks HALF the time.

The next time, half the time.

In a few days, you should be down to:

  • 5 minutes for powerpoint
  • 5 minutes to record
  • 5 minutes to transcribe and turn into an article
  • The first article of the day goes on your blog.
  • The second article goes on ezinearticles.
  • The third article goes on your facebook page
  • The last 2 articles go somewhere else in your niche – if you can't think of anywhere for now, that's okay, put a 2nd on your site and a 2nd on ezinearticles – this way in 20 days you'll 40 on your site, and 40 on ezinearticles.
Your site will already be looking like it's been around for awhile!

Hint: turn off comments, because your articles will only get a few comments when you are starting out, and that will make it look like your site is new.

Also, if possible, turn off the date feature in wordpress if you are using wordpress. This also makes your site look new.

You want your site to look seasoned and like it's been around for awhile. That's makes you look a bit like an expert already!

Each day, do this process. Every day. If you don't do this every day, it won't become a habit. If it does not become a habit, you will end up NEVER doing it.

If I had a dime for every client I taught this to who came to me 6 months later and told me they need help getting traffic to their site and I start asking my standard questions:

  • How many articles do you have on your site?
  • How many articles do you on ezinearticles?
  • How many articles on facebook?

And so on.

And they tell something like, 5 on my site, 2 on ezinearticles, none on facebook.

Hmmm . . .no wonder they are getting no traffic.

But . . . if they had done this EVERY DAY for 6 months – how many articles, posts, and youtubes would they have?

And if they are creating reasonable content, and simply linking from one article to another, from the youtubes to their blog, and so on, people should be talking about them by now.

Don't fall into that trap.

Do content everyday.

This concludes the content lesson.

Please let me repeat: this must be done every day or it won't work.

— Sean

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