Reverse Funnel Training

Congratulations on choosing to purchase my Reverse Funnel Training Program.

Note: I have done everything possible to make this as concise as possible, yet pack in depth to the Expert/Maven style infobusiness as never before. So be sure to listen/watch everything, and listen/watch in the order it's posted – you'll get the best experience and benefit that way!

NOTE: the modules are not listed in the order on the sales page. For best results, listen in the order on this page!

Module 2: Expert Positioning Training

Intense Discussion on How the Internet Is Changing and Expert Positioning is Critical

How to Position As An Expert in Your Niche

Module 3

Ultimate High Ticket Package Components

Module 1

Reverse Funnel Training

How to Structure Your Coaching Program

How to Deliver Your Coaching Program

How to Create the Home Study Courses

Note: the prices recommended in this training may be lower – but the process is EXACTLY the same. The price is based on the RESULT your client gets, not the number of hours in the training!

How to Create Recorded Products Fast

Additional Product Creation Methods

First Month Game Plan – 4 Products in One Month Overview

Additional Tutorials

Outline Your Products (Critical Step) 10 x 10 Matrix (Do this first) (pdf)

Write Your Ebook How to Use Your 10 x 10 Matrix (pdf)

Bonus Module 1

Introduction (Purpose) (Crucial Training, Listen First)

Clearly Defined Need

Website Based on Mission

Transition to the Video Training

Discussion About Structure of the Business (Critical Training)

Bonus Module 2

Introduction to Site Structure

Build the Site

Write the Coaching Sales Letter

Wrap Up Sales Letter

— Sean Mize

Anyone Can Coach

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