Sell Coaching on Teleseminars

As you watch the videos and listen to the audios on this page, you will clearly and sequentially begin to be able to craft not only a great offer, but a great theme and selling system for your business!

–Sean Mize


Module 1: How to Create an Offer that Monetizes:

How to Create an Offer That Monetizes

Module 2: Hero's Journey Script Writing For Teleseminars

Script Writing and Story Boarding

Module 3: Hero's Journey Story Telling

Hero's Journey For Marketing

More Hero's Journey

Module 4: How to Choose a Theme for Your Story

How to Choose a Theme For Your Story

Sample Story Board – Outline and Theme

Module 5: Write an Email Campaign

Psychology and Conditioning

Outline Campaign Using Story Board

Create Products Fast Screenflow

Technical Implementation

Write an Email Campaign From Your Story

Module 6: Design and Create Coaching Program

MP3 File

Module 7: Delivery of your Coaching Program

MP3 File

Module 8: How to Create Your Teleseminar:

Teleseminar Setup and Content

Module 9: How to Sell on Your Teleseminar

Teleseminar Transition and Close

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